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The increase in cyber breach and scam has been on the rise due to the steady technological advancement. It is then necessary to ensure Data security to avoid been a victim. An in case one has fallen victim, ensure a working mechanism to get funds or data back. Hackers Crib is set to make you general online adventure safe and secure. We understand your needs and deploy the best experts around to attend to them .

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data encryption

Data Encryption

We help protect digital data such as database, from destructive forces and from unwanted action from unauthorised users. We also offer complete data recvery for lost data.
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Funds Recovery

Funds Recovery

Incase you have lost funds to fraudsters through investment scams or forex scam or dating scams, we offer complete funds recovery.
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Hacking Services

Hacking Services

We provide ethical and legal hacking services for both individual and organizations.
Mobile phone hacking, ip tracking, email recovery, social media spy, website hacking, academic grade upgrade, etc.
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File Recovery

We help you retrieve files lost due to device crash or stolen devices. In some cases, when affected by malware or virus, we can sill get your lost files back .
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Professional Investigation

Professional Investigation

-Background Check
-Location tracking
-Infidelity Detector
-People Tracking
-Network Analysis etc
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Blockchain Expert

Blockchain Expert

Incase you have lost your cryptocurrency or any digital asset to the hands of frausters, we offer ful block chain analysis to get your lost funds or asset back to you.
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We work around the clock protecting you against cyber-fraud and monetary losses. Our commercial litigation experts can assist individuals and businesses that think they have been victims of fraud in recovering assets lost as a result of the scam, both domestically and overseas.

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